Shipbuilding is one of the main Dalzavod’s lines of activity.

During the last few years Dalzavod built a range of various vessels for fishing industry and for the state, including self-propelled pontoon, small seiner, research vessel for the Federal Fishing Agency, a series of fishing and research boats. In addition, Dalzavod participated in construction of the 4000 ton floating dock; 150 m and 110 m long floating berths.

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Our goal is to be a leader in shipbuilding of the Russian Far East. Highly qualified personnel and modern equipment allow us to move toward the target.

We are able to build the following types of vessels:

  • tugs;
  • hulks;
  • research and fishing vessels;
  • floating docks;
  • floating berths and pontoons;
  • barges and lighters;
  • oil garbage disposal vessels.