Oil and Gas Projects

Due to the development of oil & gas sector and offshore fields in the Russian Far East, demand in the proper industrial infrastructure is growing. Growing demand is facilitated by the plans to implement a series of projects, including petrochemical facilities near Nakhodka, gas pipeline “Power of Siberia” and Vladivostok LNG plant. Moreover, it is affected by development of the hydrocarbon offshore fields on Sakhalin Island and Kamchatka Peninsula. Панорама Being aware of these prospects, several years ago our Company launched the Infrastructural and Oil & Gas Projects Department. As far as foreign companies are widely involved in implementation of the Oil & Gas projects in the Russian Far East, employees of this department are fluent in English.

Participation in development of offshore fields on Sakhalin Island allows gaining considerable experience in this area.

Dalzavod performs a wide range of works including:

  • Design, prefabrication and installation of steel structures, tanks and pipelines;
  • Nondestructive testing of steel structures, tanks and pipelines;
  • Blasting and painting;
  • Storage and delivery of steel structures to onshore and offshore sites;
  • Documentation endorsements and approvals with the regulatory agencies such as Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Rostechnadzor and customers’ engineering departments.

As a Subcontractor, our Company participated in construction of the offshore oil & gas platform “Berkut” gravity based structure in 2009-2012. During the project Dalzavod prefabricated and installed over 2 700 tons of steel structures on the Port Vostochny site in Primorsky krai.

In 2006-2007, Dalzavod was a main contractor in construction of the Liquid Mud Plant in Kholmsk, Sakhalin. After the tanks and pipeline systems fabrication for mud mixing and storing, specialists of the company installed the plant on the turn-key basis.

We have an experience in prefabrication of various metal structures up to 60 mm thick, such as decks, embedment plates, ladders, platforms, mooring brackets, temporary structures, tanks and other items for oil & gas market. High quality is essential for such structures because they operate in arctic and subsea conditions. The highest world standards in production for oil and gas projects are provided by qualified workers and engineers, advanced technology equipment and strong quality control on each stage.

In August 2014 our Company signed a contract to supply 19 horizontal tanks V = 189m3 for hydrocarbons storage during drilling operations on the Sakhalin-1 Project. The tank dimensions are: weight – 30 ton, length – 16.5 m, diameter – 4 m. The tanks were prefabricated the U.S. company Fluor Daniel Eurasia, Inc. supervision. The customer of the tanks was Exxon Neftegas Ltd. The tanks were shipped by sea to the customer after its fabrication in June 2015.