Infrastructure Projects

Steel structures for the objects of industrial infrastructure are getting to be in great demand in the Russian Far East. At present a range of projects devoted to creation of industrial facilities in the area of shipbuilding, petro- and gas chemistry, coal and grain handling, is being implemented in Primorye. Prefabrication of heavy duty large sized structures in quantities requires availability of massive core businesses, which are deficient in the region.

Specialization in prefabrication of steel structures positively affects competitiveness of our Company and allows strengthening of our advantages on an on-going basis.

In 2011-2012 our Company prefabricated more than 1 000 tons of steel structures for the yard Zvezda-DSME. Plus we prefabricate various structures for civil engineering purposes.

Available production facilities allow prefabrication and installation of up to 4 800 tons of steel structures a year.