Safety measures

P1020053Arrangement of safe conditions of labor to preserve and maintain health of the enterprise employees is the main priority in Dalzavod activity.

Inductions, toolbox talks and safety trainings are held on a routine basis; safety rules observance, PPE application by all employees of the enterprise is controlled. All work places at the place of production are certified.

Our equipment meets the strict safety standards; all lifting devices undergo experts review on a regular basis; Chief Mechanical Engineer department conducts in-process monitoring of equipment integrity.

Special separate areas and containers are dedicated to each types of waste; on accumulation basis waste is taken away by specialized enterprises for further reprocessing.

Revelation of potential hazards, risk assessment and, as a consequence of this, ensuring conditions of employees’ life and health perseverance is a base of HSES management at the enterprise.

As a result, Customers recognize Dalzavod efficient activity in HSES area. Thus, based on the results of 2011 Exxon Neftegas Ltd. recognized Dalzavod as a Subcontractor of the year in safety area.