Quality Policy

The organization activity in quality area under construction of ships and the Pacific Navy battleships, fabrication of steel structures, pipelines, electrical and mechanical outfitting, containers, technological modules, transport and handling devices for onshore and offshore installations of oil & gas market is directed at design, development, fabrication and commissioning of competitive products, satisfying and exceeding customers expectations; ensuring constant growth of economic potential and profit of the Yard. The top managers of Dalzavod announce its Quality Policy and use it as a tool of guaranteed quality assurance and reliability of the items produced. Dalzavod Quality Policy is implemented by means of the following main tasks accomplishment:

  • ensuring compliance of the quality management system with ISO 9001:2008 and GOST RV 0015-002-2012, plus its continuous improvement;
  • ensuring continuous efficiency of the QMS processes;
  • enhancement of quality characteristics, safety and reliability of the items produced based on continuous analysis of a customer satisfaction and innovation techniques, materials and equipment implementation in production;
  • the organization staffing with highly qualified personnel;
  • arrangement of conditions for maximal involvement of each employee of the organization in the process of the Quality Policy implementation and ensuring of systematic raising of qualification level;
  • distribution of authority for the quality of products from the General Director to a worker;
  • the organization executive system improvement;
  • production support with highly efficient metal processing equipment;
  • production technological base enhancement;
  • on-time supply of qualitative raw materials, consumables and components;
  • ensuring adherence to contractual obligations during the whole life cycle of products.

The top managers of Dalzavod take responsibility for:

  • communicating and explaining the Quality Policy and quality objectives to each employee;
  • implementation of the goals set and their periodic analysis and revision;
  • provision of resources and arrangement of conditions for efficient functioning of the Quality Management System and its improvement.