Dalzavod was created as a main repairing base of the Russian Navy at the Pacific Ocean. Starting form the day of its founding on October 14, 1887 (October, 26 new style) and up to the year of its transition to be under the railway department supervision in 1918 Dalzavod possessed the status of the “new” Admiralty within Vladivostok military port. The enterprise was located in the eastern part of the Golden Horn Bay near the central part of Vladivostok.


Before 1917 the Military Port was being continuously built and widened, repairing ships of the Pacific squadron and Free-will fleet vessels, plus it assembled, fit out, tested and submitted for acceptance torpedo boats, destroyers and submarines delivered disassembled from the shipbuilding yards of central Russia via railways.

In the process of the public project “Program for the Far East needs” implementation, 1899 – 1910, Vladivostok Admiralty became the large, comprehensively equipped shiprepairing enterprise built and equipped according to the last word of science and engineering, able to overhaul any domestically built ships of that time including armament servicing.

In the end of 1918 the Military Port came under supervision of the railway department under the name of “Far-Eastern Mechanical and Shipbuilding Yard Dalzavod”.

That is where the shorter name Dalzavod comes from.
In the end of civil war and intervention in the Far East Dalzavod, possessing more than a half of industrial facilities of the Far East and East Siberia, played the key role in the regional economy recovery.

In the years of the first five-year plans Dalzavod took an active part in creation and formation of the USSR Pacific Navy.

In the beginning of the Great Patriotic War Dalzavod at the earliest possible date made transition of the industry to be able to work in the wartime, continued assembling and repairing of submarines, ensured technical and battle alertness of the Pacific Navy ships.

In peaceful time Dalzavod, being the leader in the Far East and one of the largest shiprepairing enterprises of the country, fulfilling works on reequipment and modernization of the Pacific Navy ships and vessels of the civil fleet.

At present Dalzavod is a modern enterprise equipped with unique facilities and staffed with qualified engineers and workers.